Aquarian Age Quotes, 1998

Aquarian Age Quotes by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan are a collection of quotes about the times that we are in right now. It starts off with the year, 1998 - 1999.

What It Takes to be Spiritual

I am saying it with a very great pain and remorse and when I came to Canada, my job and everything was very secure. And that didn't come through. Not only didn't come through, there was no chance that there is anything I know. I didn't know anybody, I had no friend, I didn't know where to go. With all that tragedy, it taught me one thing:

Rakhay Rakhanhaar Aap Ubaariun
Gur Kee Pairee Paa-eh Kaaj Savaariun
Hoaa Aap Dayaal Manho Na Visaariun
Saadh Janaa Kai Sung Bhavjal Taariun
Saakat Nindak Dusht Khin Maa-eh Bidaariun
Tis Saahib Kee Taayk Naanak Manai Maa-eh
Jis Simrat Sukh Ho-eh Saglay Dookh Jaa-eh

Then this shabad resounded in my soul, in my being and in my every cell. Then, since then I saw things happening. I saw things happening beyond me, I saw things happening for me, over me, around me. And every day's better than the other day.

Yes, there's a pain and there's a displeasure, equal. You have to get up early in the morning, it's not desirable. You have to take a cold shower. Oh, who wants it? You have to talk to people and uplift them, whether they like you or not. You have to remain positive to people who are negative to you. You see in aura the person is lying, but you have to say he is the most truthful.

You have to act opposite to start polarity and polarization so person can, in the neutral sense, rise. That is spirituality.

I'm not trying to change your attitude about the Piscean spirituality. Piscean spirituality is 'bring me water for twelve years. Give me bath. Take care of me. Get totally devoted and one day I'll find you pure and I'll bestow on you the spirituality.' That is Piscean, gone.

The Aquarian Age is that, doesn't matter what the situation is, you provide positive polarization right on the spot. And you pull the person through the neutral channel, shushmana…. Up to the height. Up to the crown chakra, the seventh chakra, where you become the umbrella of hope, loftiness, blessing, fulfillment.

Spirituality, people do not really understand. I am saying this with a very authentic authority. I have gone to friends, enemies, spiritual leaders. I have met them all. I have nothing against them. They are really good. They are doing what I couldn't do. They are fantastic people. But that's what I am not. I am not fantastic, I am not realistic. My realism is based on one thing -- if you are realistically facing a reality of the challenge and you survive, you come out of it. I'm not judging anybody for any reason of character. I'm not asking any help or anything, but I know that with all that, it is not spirituality. There's no corruption, but there's corruption in everything. There's no truth in anything, but there's a truth. These are the two sides of the coin. One side and other side make a lot of difference to a lot of people, but the reality is it's the same coin. What is beyond this coin? Beyond this coin is your credit. April 10, 1998

Healing in the Aquarian Age

You have to understand the process of healing in the Age of Aquarius. You have to know how to feed the psyche. You have to know your touch is as good as God's touch. It is not sensual, sexual, or social. It is a healer's touch. You have to beam the psyche into the being of a person to make it realistic. What will give the healing is the flow of your soul energy. We call it "psychic flow." It belongs to your inner self. Please understand that healing is a process.

First of all, before you touch anybody you have to make sure that you are as pure as possible. As a chiropractor, you need to purify your being before touching your patient, or else you function just like a machine—crick, crick, crack, crack, and the matter ends. If you don't purify yourself and heal yourself of all the inner duality, negativity can prevail through the flow of the psyche. If this is the case, we stop one disease temporarily, but ultimately cause permanent disease.

Whether you are a medical doctor or a chiropractor, or other type of healer, life has a challenge. And that challenge is, you have to be egoless. You have to just become, without self, a healer, or a doctor, at that moment, for that purpose, that mission. You cannot have any deviation. If you deviate, then your psyche will interlock with the patient's psyche. You can interlock the body—that I understand. You can tune into the mind, I can understand that. You can tune in the spirit, that I can understand. But if you do not tune into the psyche, your entire healing will be useless.

Healing is a process of personal super divinity. It is a power of touch. You should be so prayerful and pure, and your touch should be so powerful and impactful, that the entire body of another person may change to the desirable end results. Without this, as healers, we get burnt out. That's why a lot of people do not last long in the health and healing professions.

Your mind should be fresh and beautiful. If your domestic atmosphere is one of fighting, quarreling, and negation, it will interfere in the process of your healing, because your psyche will not penetrate and reach the target.

You are a cause, not an effect. You cause the charge to affect healing and if your charge is very low-grade voltage, and your psyche is not fully with you, the effect will be very low-grade, too. As a healer the first thing to tell every patient is to breathe deeply. Help your patients get rid of shallow breathing. Shallow breathing means no oxygen, no workload-carrying habits, no endurance, no patience.

Secondly, wash your hands after seeing each patient. This is not only for hygiene, but also to change the energy. When you finish with a patient you should take a break and resettle yourself. It is not about how many people you see each day, it is about how many people you heal. There is a difference between healing and seeing.

Healing is nothing but the play of one's personal psyche. It comes from dedication and devotion. It comes from the highest state of purity, and it comes from the power which is God. It's not what you think it is. It is a caliber to collaborate with the flow of the psyche of two. September 16, 1999 © YB Teachings, LLC 1999

Healing in the Aquarian Age 9/16/99

Source: Harbhajan Kaur Khalsa Aquarian Age reading Ministers' meeting Winter Solstice in Florida, 2010.


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