Aquarian Age Quotes 1996

Aquarian Age Quotes by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan are a collection of quotes about the times that we are in right now. It starts off with the year, 1996.

The Status of Our Children

a. Those who surrender unconditionally to themselves within themselves, find themselves. They are the best, otherwise, those who fight their own duality within themselves, fight rest of their life. And as they fight within themselves for that, they also seek immediately help from outside. And all the outside help is never like self so they feel betrayed, they feel angry, they feel left out. All social ills come from that. Base is the simple. however, in this Aquarian Age it will be mega multiple system of that….

b. That I'm trying to draw your attention is that each day we are fastly moving technically, socially, individually, and personally into an era of the unknown. New Age is a new age always. When it sets it takes away all what there is. It's just like a flood. It comes, wipes out the past, and then lays the silt and lays the land and lays the minerals, and everything goes later. So we are passing through that cusp of the period and we are going.

Here is an awareness and awakening in us, and sooner or later we are going to all realize we have been here for 24 years, for what? And with that 'what' is going to come, 'let us do something'. And with that 'something' many of you will expand. And you will be forced to expand. Saturn has left the Piscean Age, so now it's a free era to add to our strength of purity. We gotta go. Technically speaking with all the shaky stockmarket and businesses and all the crime report and all what America represents today, it's not yet even touched the boundary of that bad which is coming. Please, it's a very good time. You should be grateful for it. What is coming is very proper, qualified, calculated, and demonstrative insanity. Whenever a nation goes through a demonstrative insanity, it changes the order. We are the by-product of the demonstrative insanity. That we call it a 'Woodstock Nation', out of which we grew….

c. Well, that was then folks. Now what is coming is little heavier. It is called 'space fever'. The new word, you must coin it today. Space fever is a disease in which you cannot be comfortable in the space you are in. You cannot go in into the space comfortably where you want to go in. And you cannot have the space of environments according to you. Space disease or space fever happens to humanity when progress is faster technically than imaginable. It is happening now. Therefore, the best thing is to congregate, sit together with like minds, and save yourself from insanity. This is the progressive way that you will face that emptiness. You will find in you a painful thought of spacelessness…

d. I have been visiting you all along. Now it is a time for you to visit me. That's what I wanted to say. So if you feel like coming, most welcome. You are my family, I have no other family. And you are my friends, I have no other friends. And you are me and I am you. There's no other relationship between us. If we are nuts, we are all nuts together. If we are wise, we are all wise together. There's nothing in between anymore. So let's break the taboos. Let me give you concluding sense of wisdom. It's not advice, it has no value. But let me give you sense of wisdom. Whatever your face is and whatever your grace is, if it is what it is, you are the best.

And whatever your handicaps and shortcomings are, they are as they are, but still you are walking. That is the best. With these two, third is what to do. I give you the answer. Just take my advice personal. All the calamities and the tragedies and the shortcomings and the wrong which I am in, and I am in, I am grateful that my Creator thought I am fit enough to face it. And the easiest way which I have found out to face it is, to call that Who gave me all this pain inside and say, "Face it, baby. It's not my part. You created me, You face it. It is between You and You…..

e. You sent me there and You gave me the faculties, the facilities and facets of life, and I have goofed. Thank you very much. Now what You are going to pay for the wrong? You know, it is manufacturer's defect. It is called 'M.D.' It is a 'manufacturer's defect.' I have no sin, I have never sinned, and I'm not going to sin. I don't know what He is saying about it. I have a 'manufacturer's defect' and I am just covering my Manufacturer as best I can. If there's a class lawsuit of insanity against me, well, I'm part of it, then we'll ask the withdrawals. From this serial number to that serial number, send back to heavens." So there'll be instant deaths. You know, that's how He manages everything. It's just like the same as on earth. He doesn't have any other company up there. So His computer goofs more than even ours.

Nature's very plentiful and beautiful, but God's computer fails. What do they say when computer is off? Computer... (Members: "Crashed".) Computer has crashed. Something like that. And I think God's computer crashes more than He even knows. So, it is okay. He created us. It is His responsibility, He didn't do a better job. Let's forgive Him and not be bothered about it. And by the way, it is our graceful respect to cover Him. So if He has created us wrong and made us wrong, and has created miserable environments, in spite of the fact we are born in the very shadow of Him, and we are Him, always when you talk about Him, talk with lot of reverence and respect, because He is the biggest goofer on this planet.

Listen, how can it be that He's the Creator and He's the Lord of everything, and He's the Master of the whole damn thing, and we are wrong. What is this? This is a very new relationship. I think He bribes these religious people to goof around and tell us that we are wrong. We are not wrong. What wrong we are? We ate an apple -- what is wrong with that? You know, what is it? We ate it. And Adam got horny and had a relationship with Eve. What is wrong with that? Had that not happened, we would not have been here. It is He, wrong. It is He, right. And He potent, and He impotent. We are here to watch the show and it's just a damn movie. Don't get so emotionally moved and involved into it that you start acting as God and taking His responsibilities and His goofs as yours. That's my advice to you.

There's nothing I can do, right or wrong, but only as a courtesy to You because You are my Creator, I shall not blame You." This is my good will covenant with my God. He goofed, and He's still goofing. I call Him "Goofy God…."

f. He drives and He sleeps on the steering, and kills the guy. He can find a better way to kill a person. But He likes drama, so you like dramas, too. So it's okay. It's the same thing.

God and His maya, He plays just like two kids play with the sand to build castles. He can't change, the kids can't change. But we who are adults and responsible and reach the middle age, let's not blame this Guy. After all, He's our God. Have mercy on Him.

No, no, normally we say, "Have mercy on us." For what? For creating us wrong? Giving us wrong teeth and cavities? What for? Just so that the dentist can be paid? That's too much. Look at His clever way to inter-provide and inter-exchange, and do those inter-related things.

No, I'm very satisfied. And with these words...My personal feeling is, feel good. He's a good God. He's just God, G-O-D, God. And good is G-O-O-D. So we need an extra 'o' to fit in. Nothing wins in this world but the goodness of the heart, and nothing's so villain and false as the haughtiness of the head. March 1, 1995

3/1/95 From YB lecture on Mantra/Espanola (not directly quoted) – Gurucharan S

Self Reverence

a. When I said, "The Aquarian Age has come, the axle of the Earth changed," everybody laughed at me. I said, "Fine." Now they say the axle of the Earth has changed, and the Earth is moving slower. They say it is because we have made dams, and the weight of those consolidated waters has slowed down the movement of the Earth. Can you believe that man can now slow down the Earth? First ask him, "When will you start rotating it?"….

The axle of the Earth changes, the momentum of the magnetic field changes. In the Earth, what you call "lava," or "ferrum" exists, and that changes. And the flare of the sun in relevancy changes."

b. Look at your ability to communicate with a walkie-talkie. Sometimes you can get through at a long distance easily, sometimes you can't. Or with a cell phone, when you go through mountains, you lose communication, then you have communication. Or sometimes on the telephone, you have interference. What are you using? You are using electromagnetic force. Instead of mentally projecting this, you do it through the telephone.

The telephone is nothing but you. The television is nothing but you. People used to have vision, now you have television. But the difference between television and vision is, in your vision you can see what you want to see or not see, with concern for your psyche. In television it is what you are being shown.

Your faculty of projection with your personal reverence will win all for you. That is the path of victory.

When you see somebody you see the clouds, and you judge the sun, "It's a cloudy day." Then after five minutes it's so bright and beautiful. What happened to the clouds? They are gone. The One who has created you is a Perfect Lord and He cannot create imperfect. That's the Aquarian truth, which you have to believe. Everything is subject to His Will. Are you willing to live that truth? Well, then what about your will? Answer me. If everything is God's Will, then what about your will? July 26, 1996

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Source: Harbhajan Kaur Khalsa Aquarian Age reading Ministers' meeting Winter Solstice in Florida, 2010.


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