Anatomy of Miracles Table of Contents Subagh Singh Khalsa

The book is written for a person new to meditation and for a person advanced in many meditative techniques. Subagh Singh displays his story-telling ability and sense of humor in this easy to read and very powerful book. Guaranteed to change your life

    • The Essence of Healing
    • Becoming Neutral
    • Letting Go of Self
    • Releasing Conditions
    • Healing with Your Presence
    • The Sacred Space
    • The Elements
    • Love x
    • Letting Go of Prejudice
    • Chakras
    • Beyond the Sensitive Space
    • Helping with Serious Illness
    • A Final Word


  • Tune In and Open the Sensitive Space
  • Allow Sensations
  • Heal with Your Presence
  • Enlarge Your Inner Space
  • Equalize Your Space
  • Equalize Your Sensations
  • Remain Aware of Discomfort
  • Equalize Your Awareness
  • Recognize and Choose a Tendency
  • Recognize and Release Concepts
  • Relate to the Earth Element
  • Introduce an Intention
  • Relate to the Water Element
  • Relate to the Fire Element
  • Relate to the Air Element
  • Relate to the Ether Element
  • Individualize and Equalize
  • Individualize with a Partner
  • Reduce the Resistance

Amazon Review: Developing a healing capacity is like any activity in which one wishes to excel: it requires focused energy and diligent practice. With this book, you can begin today to access your own miraculous healing abilities.

In lucid prose and with simple instructions, author Subagh Singh Khalsa explains how we can develop the capacity to heal ourselves and others by learning to live in the Sacred Space that each one of us possesses.

Working in the tradition of Guru Ram Das, the great sixteenth-century Indian saint and fourth Guru of the Sikh faith, Khalsa takes readers step-by-step through breathing, meditation, and awareness exercises that awaken innate healing power.

Amazon Review: Subagh Singh brings an ancient healing system, based on a meditative sacred space, to the masses. Even though the techniques bring the ability to heal, I believe they are the best method I have seen for improving meditative ability.

Amazon Review: This is the kind of book you can pick up, read a little, contemplate and savor it, and digest it. Then continue on. Mr. Khalsa really understands how to reach us in our inner depths, and does so with caring and kindness. One of the best books on healing--self and others---that I've found.

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