Global Climate Strike Meditation

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20th, 2019 at 11am

Global Climate Strike Meditation

40 Day Climate Strike Meditation
September 20th, 2019-October 29th, 2019

As people of consciousness all over the earth begin to wake up to the climate emergency and demand change, and in honor of all the children of the earth who are asking the adults to join them in solidarity for the Climate Strike on September 20th, we are reaching out to you to join us in prayer for Mother Earth for 40 days.

The Prayer for Mother Earth
Let's pray for Mother Earth together. Guru Amar Das wrote this Shabad in India hundreds of years ago. We practice it today to bring healing to our Mother Earth. Prayer is powerful. Hold this prayer with us: "When the Earth calls out in distress, the One answers with ease and strength, and there is peace in the land."

We will practice this Shabad 11 times a day for 40 days to help us as human beings break any negative habits that block us from the expansion of awareness regarding the climate crisis.

In addition to the prayer for Mother Earth, we also invite you to make changes to help reduce our impact upon the planet. Together our action creates change and makes a difference!
Guru Amar Das DevJi): (SGGS P. 1281 – 5) Translation and original Gurmukhi script below.

A Prayer for Mother Earth.png

A Prayer for Mother Earth
kalmal ho-ee maydnee ardaas karay liv laa-ay.
sachai suni-aa kann day Dheerak dayvai sahj subhaa-ay.
indrai no furmaa-i-aa vuthaa chhahbar laa-ay.
an Dhan upjai baho ghanaa keemat kahan na jaa-ay.
naanak naam salaahi too sabhnaa jee-aa daydaa rijak sambaahi.
jit khaaDhai sukh oopjai fir dookh na laagai aa-ay. ||2||

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