Teacher Training at Spirit Rising Yoga - "You are quite literally teaching people how to save their own lives. "

Hi Shiva Singh, Shabad Kaur and Puranpreet Kaur !

I wanted to take a moment to extend my deepest gratitude for the training you facilitated. Since the first weekend I have observed a profound shift in my life on many levels. It is not that unpleasant feelings have disappeared, rather that I have new tools and perspective to sit with life's more challenging moments and emotions with a more open heart and less tight grasp. This is a true gift, as this act of acknowledging and letting be seems to be the way out of the forest, if you will. Perhaps the difference between survivor and thriver.

Another significant take-away from the course was the ability to let go of various people/experiences/outcomes I have been working on letting go of for a long time through various mindfulness practices. There was a cleansing or purification that took place from this course that is unlike anything else I have ever experienced. I feel like I have the tools to maintain this in my personal practice through the use of Long Ek Ong Kar (Adi Shakti Mantra) and continued participation in Kundalini Yoga.

Last, perhaps my most favorite part of all of this is that it doesn't have to end. Sure, there will never be a moment exactly like what we experienced in 21 Stages, however, there is a beautiful community of people practicing Kundalini yoga that I can be a part of! This has been tremendous balm for my soul. I moved from Colorado to Chicago several years ago for graduate school. I have been working through a sense of longing and homesickness for the mountain lifestyle of my childhood, adolescence and early adulthood. This work has helped me realize that an aspect of what I am truly missing is my connection with the infinite. This happens very easily for me while, literally climbing a mountain. However, I have found this connection to be difficult to experience in Chicago. The practices and community you have exposed me to allow me to feel connected with the infinite even outside of the Rocky mountains! I honestly didn't know that this was possible before the course.

Sorry for the rambling... so much to say. I'm sure I'll think of more after I hit "send."

I'll conclude with this. I am sending you all gratitude and love for the work you do and all that you are. You are quite literally teaching people how to save their own lives.

In Peace,