kundalini-yoga-info.com, The Back Story

The Back Story of Kundalini-Yoga-Info.com.
This wonderful website of over 350 pages was created by Sat Avatar Kaur in 2006. She diligently researched the information she has gathered to give sources for teachers, practices and other Kundalini Yoga related information free to all. As you read through these pages you will see new information, clarifications of practices and bios and contact information for Kundalini Yoga Teachers from all over the world. 

On this page you will find some examples of the kinds of information available to you on our site.We will continue her work and update, introduce new (ancient) practices in the years to come.

This is a message from Sat Avtar Kaur to us all.

Sat Avtar Kaur

"In (2006), I found Kundalini Yoga but, I could not find a list of the mantras, or how to say them, anywhere. Information on this technology was scattered all over the net. Impossible to keep track of and I tried. So I put all the information on a free wiki and in 2009, I created a 'real' website. In 2015, December, Shiva Singh Khalsa took over running this site."

May all of you, always walk in the Light of Your Own Soul,

Sat-Avtar Kaur

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