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Restorative Chakra Gong Wash

Restorative Chakra Gong Wash

Saturday, September 7, 7-9 pm - Connect to the group energy of conscious community, support and elevate one another synergistically as we open ourselves to the universal healing frequencies and vibrations of the gong. Release and rise above with the integrative technology of Kundalini Yoga and enter a state of divine harmony with guided Reiki healing meditation to elevate the spirit and connect to source. With Chakra Tea Ceremony to follow.

Jot Kalyan will move you through a Kundalini Yoga practice focused on balancing and tuning each individual chakra (energy center in the body). Deepen your connection to your body and spirit and experience the potential for self-healing that resides in each chakra.

Further elevate the spirit with energy healer, Reiki Practitioner and divine channel Chinyere Achebe of Raise Your Chi. Opening the pathways of energy by connecting to the Chakras and grounding in to our innate connection to source.

Surrender to the healing vibration of the gong that resonates throughout all parts of the body simultaneously, helping to clear and release all blocks to our intrinsic state of balance.

Closing with a chilled Chakra Tea Ceremony. Need more information? Call Heather Jot Kalyan at 310-218-7711