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Special Sadhana honoring YogiJi Birthday Anniversary

Special Sadhana YogiJi B-day  Anniversary, (long Ek Ong Kars for 2.5 hours) August 26 4:15- 7:45 am

This is an annual event that is simply ecstatic! Put this on your calendar and build around it to experience 2 1/2 hours chanting Long Ek Ong Kar. At 5:00 Chicago time we will simultaneously do a Worldwide Guru Ram Das Chant for 11 minutes! What an incredible opportunity to be part of a vast international vibration.

No charge


·        4:15 am - Japji Sahib
·        4:35 am - Kundalini Yoga
·        5:00 am - Simultaneous Worldwide Guru Ram Das Chant
·        5:15 am - Long Ek Ong Kar 2.5 hours
·        7:45 am - Wish and a Dish Veggie Breakfast
·        You can come and go as your schedule permits.