My Soul, Our Soul.

Today I read a beautiful and whimsical poem by my beloved teacher Yogi Bhajan. It is part of a forty days of poetry that Sikh Dharma is sharing with us leading up to YogiJi's birthday on August 26th. Shabad Kaur and I are practicing a Prosperity meditation together during that time.

In my classes lately I have been talking about the soul as similar to the nucleus of a cell. It is the center without it the cell cannot function and without our we are no longer in this human form.

The wonderful thing I love about our soul is it is the part of us that is the Infinite. Infinite is without limitations of time and space. Infinite is unattached to a pIt is our soul! It is our unified existence. It reminds us that as expressed in the First Sutra of the Aquarian Age, Recognize The Other Person Is You.

This is the beautiful poem by Yogi Bhajan I read today.

Blessed is My Soul

Blessed is my soul which is free.
Luckily it has no belly.
Neither it is dry nor wet,
Neither it is happy, nor it sweats.
It has nothing to sell or buy.
It has nothing to even try.

I am lucky I have a soul.
oes everywhere and pays no toll.
Sometimes it is low, sometimes it is high,
But it always moves on the turnpike.
It is educated, but it reads no signs
What a wonderful soul is mine!

I am lucky I do have a soul,
Between the white and the black hole.
My soul knows the absolute,
And it is my soul to which I salute.

I am happy each day,
I have a beautiful soul to play.
It is a beautiful little soul of mine.
It is radiant and has a wonderful shine.
It is my friend and playmate,
My soul is my best soul-mate.

I am lucky I do have a soul,
It is the nucleus of the world as a whole.
Blessed is my soul which is free.