Yogi Bhajan Talks About the Reality of Nuclear War

Sat Nam, 

This is a short blog. I am moved to write this because it is so socially relevant at this time I want you to listen to his powerful unequivocal stand in this talk by Yogi Bhajan at Summer Solstice 1982 on the reality of Nuclear War.

He talks honestly about the dangers of Nuclear War as a viable strategy.

He implores us to talk about it to all - to make it a none strategy and this even 25 years ago.

He "pulls no punches" he reminds us that our children will "melt like ice cream" in a nuclear war.

I am posting this since the narrative of the government actually is considering it as a tool to? I just don't know how it can even be talked about - how it can be considered to improve and grow our own nuclear arsenal. 

Here is a LINK to our friend Guru Fata Singh in Toronto's website with this powerful lecture.




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