Spirit Rising Foundation

Shiva Singh and Shabad Kaur Khalsa wanted to make Spirit Rising more than just their “small business”. They wanted to open the door to others in the community to inspire further engagement and a sense of stewardship for the teachings.

Spirit Rising Yoga Center is operated by Spirit Rising Foundation, a not-for-profit service based Aquarian business model that has as its mission: to share with all, the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® and yogic lifestyle, appropriate for all, to allow a person to live in the world, be active in society and to experience the ecstasy of consciousness. Spirit Rising Foundation offers to all the tool and opportunities for experienced happiness, our birthright:

  • International KRI Level 1 & 2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Certification Courses

  • A robust schedule of Kundalini Yoga classes designed for practitioners at all levels

  • The Kenny Velez/Guru Kar Singh Memorial Teacher Training Scholarship Fund

  • Specialized workshops, concerts and Kundalini Yoga and Yogic Lifestyle events

  • Scheduled Community Group Aquarian Morning Sadhana

  • Hosting other community events with an emphasis on service and building a broader spiritual community.

  • SEVA: Providing opportunities and access for those with limited income, limited abilities and limited mobility through no-cost classes, activities and volunteer service.


Happy Healthy Holy Organization | 3HO Foundation

"On the fifth of January, when I gave a lecture, they asked me, 'What have you brought for us?' I said, 'I gave you a Healthy, Happy, Holy way of life.' I have not come here to collect students; I will create teachers, and teachers so created in this 3HO, shall teach the world a way of life with style. That's what we have said, that's what we are doing, that's what we are."   -Yogi Bhajan, 1/5/93

Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini Yoga to the West from India in the late 1960’s. His teachings form a comprehensive lifestyle that allows the radiance of the soul to shine in every facet of life, including diet, conscious communication and Humanology, the science of authentic relationships.

Yogi Ji infused every aspect of life with the beauty and grace of the manifested Shakti, know as the Kundalini. When you activate the Prana, life force of the Kundalini our consciousness impacts and transformation happens. In fact that is the only real requirement for someone to practice Kundalini Yoga, to be willing and ready for transformation! 

The lifestyle teachings of 3HO are designed to support you, to live healthy, happy and holy; bountiful, blissful and beautiful; as a whole, healed and sovereign human being.